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Reliable Transportation

-When making my reservation from the airport, what time should I put in the reservation ?

Put down the exact time of the landing
-Where can I find my Driver at the airport ?
When you place the reservation it’s an optional meet & greet inside the terminal with $20 charged or curbside pick up
-Can the Driver meet me inside the terminal with a sign ?
Yes, just when you put in the reservation a window with your flight info will pop up and you will be given the option to be inside with a sign or curbside pick up
-What does curbside pick up mean ?
Curbside pick up means outside the terminal
-How can I find my driver at curbside pick up ?
Your driver will text you at your arrival with the car details
-If my phone doesn’t work in New York how can I find my Driver ?
The best option is request for meet & greet inside, otherwise it can be very difficult.
-I have to pay any cash for tolls to the Driver ?
No our fares include all fees and tolls but just in case you ride has tolls will charged on your bill after or before the ride. Only the tip is optional .
-The tip is included on the fare ?
No, the tip is not included, it is optional
-Can I get a child seat ?
Yes when you place your reservation you have the option to request rear or forward facing, and the cost is $15 for each child seat.
-Are you monitoring my flight ?
Yes your driver and our dispatcher are monitorig your flight permanently for that reason it is very important to place your flight info in your reservation.
-How long is the grace waiting time period after the flght has landed ?
For the international arrivals it is 45 minutes, for domestic flights it is 30 minutes
-How many hours in advance do I have to place the reservation ?
Our system only permits the reservation to be taken within 6 hours in advance
-Can I cancel my reservation ?
Yes you can cancel at any time
-How many hours in advance can I cancel my reservation with no charge ?
You can cancel your reservation 3 hours in advance with no charge
-I have to confirm my reservation ?
It is not necesary if you received our e mail confirmation.
-How can I change my reservation details ?
You have to contact us at 1-888-2038437 talk with our operartors and request the e mail with the modification details
-What happens if my flight is delayed and I can’t contact you ?
It is not a problem we are always monitoring your flight
-When will my credit card be charged ?
Right after your confirmation
-In case of canceling my reservation how long until i am refunded ?
Within 2 or 3 business days
-How do I cancel my reservation ?
The best way to cancel your reservation is to reply in the confirmation e mail whether you would like to cancel or modify the reservation